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I built a surfboard shaping bay out of a 20-foot shipping container. 


My container video series on YouTube showcases the whole process from delivery, insulation, drywall, venting, electrical, painting and more.  This project grabbed a lot of eyeballs and shot my YouTube channel past 1 million subscribers.  

If you are interested in buying a shipping container, checkout Eveon Containers and use my discount code: BENDHEIM50 for $50 off.  

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  • Storage, Building, Transport

  • 20ft, 40ft, 40ft High Cube Used Shipping Containers

  • Nationwide delivery or pickup

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Building a mini ramp in my backyard was on my bucket list for many years.  I love being able to skate with my kids in the privacy of our backyard  and avoid the crowded skate parks.   

I purchased the mini ramp materials through OC Ramps and added some additional features with railing, storage and stairs.  My videos show the start to finish process of building the ramp.

This is becoming a go-to hangout spot for both me and the kids.  Its also a great workout!





Shaping and glassing surfboards is where this all started.  I don't crank out many boards but I will always go back to shaping a few boards in between my other projects.  

I've posted various videos of shaping, glassing, airbrushing, ding repairs and more.  

I'm motivated by my love of surfing and trying new shapes that I can in turn share with friends, family and occasional customers. 

Surf Ranch right barrel 2.jpg
Bendheim Boards_Secondary_White Outline-01.png
My goal isn't to make and sell a high volume of boards, but rather to fuel this creative outlet I love and share the process along the way.
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